June 19, 2013

Outreach & Opportunity to Participate

Outreach – besides the steering committee and stakeholder interviews the Study will hold at least two neighborhood meetings for additional outreach from people who might need alternative means to participate in the planning process. Ideally at least one meeting that is likely to attract the Latino/Spanish speaking population and another that hears ideas from the minority population (about 80% of the current ridership is African-American).

  1. There will also be two public open houses – one of which may be on National Night Out in August.
  2. The consultant will work with Agency Stakeholders at the upcoming Locally Coordinated Human Service/Public Transportation Planning meeting being conducted by the Mid-East Commission, on June 5 in Washington, NC.  The outputs of the Locally Coordinated Planning document must state specific unmet needs of the elderly population and/or persons with disabilities who live in the City of Greenville in order to be eligible for targeted Federal Transit Administration funds.

Opportunity to participate – the entire five year planning process in designed to be interactive and we encourage you to participate.  You can post your comments on this blog page and receive a string of on-going dialogue or you can even mail the Project Manager, Bill Barlow at wbarlow@stantec.com and hold a private conversation. We are also posting a calendar of events so you can follow the process in person.  Then event calendar will be updated as dates become firm, so please check back often.

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