June 19, 2013


Purpose of the trip from on-board survey
A total of 553 on-board surveys were collected in the first week of May and those results are now being analyzed to learn more about people who depend on the bus to get around. At first glance we discovered that people need dependable on time performance to get to class and work on-time.
  • PCC is the biggest single destination and that people need the bus to get to work. 
  • 46% of the 553 surveys indicate a transfer was necessary to reach the riders final destination.
  • 58% of today’s riders have no car in their household, to use for their trip.
Pitt Area Transit System will administer a separate on-board survey that is designed to gauge satisfaction of the “complementary paratransit” service the County provides to GREAT under a contract arrangement. On-line surveys are being posted to the website to learn more about people who do not ride the bus and how they can be encouraged to become riders.

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